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Sparks Fly as USC Robotics Prepares to Build

On Monday, October 3, 2022, USC Robotics Club attended a workshop held by one of Upper St. Clair High School’s STEM educators, Mr. Seth Williams.

Over 40 students from various USC Robotics FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) teams and students on the non-competitive track participated.

The workshop focused on a review of how to properly use metalworking tools that are available at the high school. Mr. Williams discussed how to safely use machinery like power saws, belt sanders, drill presses, and more. The demonstrations involved the correct technique to use each machine to ensure a good outcome and the user’s safety. We hope to integrate these skills into the process of preparing for the FTC competitions in the future.

We would like to thank Mr. Williams for the educational workshop and the opportunity to learn or refresh our memory of the proper use of metalworking tools.

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