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About USC Robotics Club


USC Robotics Club is an extracurricular activity rooted at Upper St Clair High School in Pittsburgh, PA that has expanded throughout the Upper St Clair School District to bring STEAM enrichment opportunities K-12.  The mission of this club is to use the avenue of robotics to give students practical applications of problem solving, engineering, programming, entrepreneurship, team work, and so much more.  This club is a true collaboration between students, parents, faculty, community members, and local businesses.  


During the 2021/2022 school year, the Robotics Club geared up not only its after school, non-competitive robotics opportunities, but also began participation in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) and FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge.  The interest and support for robotics experiences was overwhelming!  What started with approximately 100 students in its first year has now more than doubled!


Though robotics projects and competitions are a fun way to grow enthusiasm for STEAM education and careers, the USC Robotics Club has a strong desire to focus on outreach opportunities to spark a love for learning and creating in all students.  USC Robotics Club participants are investigating several avenues to create K-12 outreach opportunities both within and outside of our Upper St Clair community. 


Between competitive and non-competitive educational opportunities, USC Robotics looks to expose over 500 students to robotics, through various means, during the 2023/2024 school year.

2023/2024 School Year Plan

Competitive Robotics Initiatives


  • Four FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) Teams at Upper St Clair High School.  (35+ students)

  • Six FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Challenge Teams for our middle school students at Boyce and Fort Couch.  (30+ students)

Non-Competitive Robotics Initiatives


  • USC High School after school, non-competitive robotics club exploring robotics through various kits and experiences.  (20+ students)

  • Fort Couch after school, non-competitive robotics club exploring robotics with LEGO SPIKE Prime Sets.  (40+ students)

  • Boyce after school, non-competitive robotics club exploring robotics with BirdBrain Technologies Hummingbird Kits.  (80 students)

Outreach Goals


  • Odyssey of the Mind Ingenuity Camp Outreach
    (July 2023)


  • Host FIRST LEGO League Challenge event for the Southwestern PA territory at USC High School 
    (November 11, 2023) 


  • Host FIRST Tech Challenge qualifiers for the Southwestern PA territory at USC High School
    (February 24-25, 2024) 


  • Hummingbird Outreach Workshops at
    USC elementary & middle schools 


  • Sphero Indi Outreach Workshops for grades K-2

  • Girl Scout & Boy Scout Troop collaboration

  • USC Community Day Booth (May 2024)

  • USC Robotics Showcase (May 2024)

  • Host Remake Learning Day events (May 2024)

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