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Earning Brownie Badge Two: Designing a Robot

On Thursday, October 13, 2022, ROGO invited a local Brownie troop to Upper St. Clair High School to earn one of the three badges in robotics.

The Brownies earned badge two which involved designing a robot. The purpose of the badge was for the girls to explore the connection between robots and nature. The connection is called biomimicry which is when engineers create machines that act like humans, animals, or plants. A vital part of the design process is creating a prototype, so the girls sketched out their ideas for the animal their robot would mimic. There were a variety of designs, such as a dog, elephant, horse, rabbit, and cheetah. After completing their designs, the girls drove the robots around the classroom. They absolutely loved seeing the robots they designed in action. The ROGO team was thrilled to watch the girls interact with robotics with such excitement.

ROGO’s mission is to inspire younger girls to explore their interests in the many areas of STEM, and this was an amazing opportunity for us to do so.

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